The first step before you start building your wordpress website, is finding your domain name. The domain name will determine your business & identity of the website, a highly important asset to take into account before you dive into the actual development phase.

Finding the right domain name.

It’s crucial to first understand your website needs and ask yourself a very important question:

  • Is your business orientated to the international or domestic market?

The reason for this, is in case the .com domain you’re looking for is taken you can explore other options without losing potential exposure in the future.

Now, to get started, there are a few domain registrars who provide an outstanding service all round:

We don’t recommend 1&1, they monetised heavily on people who lacked web know-how offering great all-in-one packages. Very frustating service.

Buying your new domain.

So once you’ve picked the company you’re more comfortable with, it’s time to purchase your domain. In their search bar, you’d be able to insert the domain you want and process the payment information. Whether you’re at Godaddy or any other, avoid all the extra services they sell. Although some are good, we recommend waiting for the hosting side of things that do include all of these, whether it’s an email, SSL certificate or extra security for your site.

The only thing we do recommend, is for you to hire the “private domain” option if you wish to hide your personal details. We never do it though.


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