There are many hosting providers out there but only a few do stand out for their services. One of the most important aspects of a trustworthy hosting provider, is their capability to offer real-time qualitative customer support.

In order to find out what’s the best option for your site, you’d need a basic knowledge base of the plans available for you.

Individual or personal plans:

These are often cheap and don’t include much data storage, bandwidth or general features. If you’re looking to go for a very simple hosting provider, have a very low budget and don’t expect much traffic on your site, we recommend Hostgator¬†or Godaddy. It does the job well and it’s the best in the market for a cheap solution.

Reseller plans:

This option often refers to the possibility of having multiple indivudual or personal plans under one account. Lets put the case you’re looking to build several websites. Instead of hosting one by one individually, you can create different ones under one account, it’s just more convenient and it’s a plan that just sits in the middle of the two options mentioned below and above.

Dedicated plans:

Individual or personal plans are often referred as “shared plans” which just means that your website shares hosting space with other websites. However if you’re looking to become “independent” due to your current demand in both traffic and overall data, it’s time to look for a more dedicated solution, own your server. For this option and for any other option apart from the individual or personal plan, we recommend you to go for Siteground. Their understanding and customer support is outstanding, currently where this and other of our websites are hosted at.

It’s very important to choose a hosting service provider that operates under Cpanel. We’ll go over Cpanel later but it’s crucial in terms of features and development possibilities.

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